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Q&As about Greenfield Village RV Resort

1.   How old is Greenfield Village?

The first phase of Greenfield Village was opened in 1984.  Further development soon followed, bringing the resort to its present configuration. 


2.  How big is Greenfield Village?

There are 793 home units in Greenfield.

3. Can I own my own property at  Greenfield Village?

Greenfield Village is one of the few resorts  in the valley in which the lot and improvements are owned by the individual member of the Association. Members may buy, sell, and rent property themselves or through a local or on-site realtor.

4.   Does Greenfield Village have Architectural guidelines?

An Architectural Committee provides guidelines and a permit process, ensuring properties are kept at a high level of quality. This protects property values for all and enhances the quality of life at Greenfield.


5.   Does Greenfield Village have a long range plan?

A Long-Range Planning Committee considers future repair and replacement of streets, equipment, and facility renovation and up-dating.  The plan is funded 20 years in the future through annual assessments.

6.   How is Greenfield Village managed?

Management is effected through a seven- person Board of Directors, elected by the homeowners, that sets policies and guidelines for resort operation.  These policies and guidelines are enforced by a professional General Manager.

7.   Are modern medical facilities readily available?

The Mesa metropolitan area is hub to a number of advanced Medical facilities.

A major Mesa heart center is located at Banner Baywood, along with numerous other modern Hospitals and Care Centers.   A Mayo Clinic is located in nearby Scottsdale.

8.   Are Physical fitness programs available?

Greenfield Village has an exercise room with modern equipment. We sponsor low
impact and water aerobics, golf outings, bowling tournaments, tennis, pickleball, and shuffleboard leagues, lap swimming, hiking trips, etc.  Many residents routinely walk laps around the park to stay fit.

9.   How can I be involved?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Greenfield.  Volunteers help staff the Activity Office, serve as officers in numerous resort clubs, produce and act in drama productions, write for and publish resort newsletters, and serve on boards and committees.
10. Does Greenfield Village have an on-site food facility?

The Village Bistro serves fast-casual lunch Wednesday and Friday, waffle breakfasts, and hamburgers for Happy Hours.  The Eatery is also available for catered events.

In addition, various clubs sponsor BBQs, pizza parties, soup luncheon, ice cream socials, spaghetti supper, morning coffee and donuts.

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