Chalk up your cue and join us in our beautifully appointed billiard room. With six pool tables and two snooker tables, you’ll seldom have to wait for a game.

The Billiards room is open to all Greenfield Village Residents for your enjoyment. 

The Billiards Club invites all residents of Greenfield Village to become members and join in on all the organized games and leagues being held throughout the winter months.

There is in house League play and open play for all members throughout the winter months. Keep checking the bulletin board in the pool room for dates, times and sign up sheets.

Greenfield has a team that plays every Monday In the East Valley Billiards League which starts early November and runs until late March. If you would like to join this League you may contact the team captain Doug MacIntyre.

Requirements to Join:

Membership:    $10.00 Annual Dues

Contact Person For More Information:

Doug MacIntyre   607-215-5515

Vice President/Secretary: 
Bruce Bernhjelm   612-328-2142