Computer Club



The computer club room is busy with our members checking e-mail and "surfing the web" with our high-speed internet access and Wi-Fi. Bring your own ear-buds or headphones to listen to audio.

Computer room hours vary as we depend upon volunteer Monitor coverage. In peak season we're open 9 - 5 six days per week, plus limited hours on Sundays. Check the signboard at the front of the computer room for daily hours. Anyone interested in becoming a Monitor for a 2-hour shift, please contact Marilyn Baril at

The main computer room has ten computers available in the main room and ten more in the classroom for instruction and for general use. Scanners, printers, projectors - it's all there!

You may bring your iPad, laptop or tablet to connect to our WiFi. Also, you can bring your laptop and connect to our ADSL by cable. However, to use WiFi or ADSL, you must have virus protection on your device. Keep in mind that printing can only be done from desktop computers in the Computer Club room.

Membership fees:

$10 per person for the season or partial

Non-members can also use a computer for a $2 fee per half hour session.

Contact For More Information:

President:   Pat Nugent

Treasurer:  Mindy Scott

Membership:  Ronda Lisowski

Secretary:  Marilyn Baril

Monitoring:  Mike Kirish