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Daily Schedule

We have so many daily activities here at Greenfield Village Resort that you cannot ever be bored!  If you are, that is only because you have chosen to stay home.


You can choose from numerous card games, tennis, golf, shuffleboard, bocce ball, pickleball, biking, hiking, swimming, yoga, line dance, water aerobics, weight lifting, cardio, ceramics, lapidary, silversmith, crafts, quilting, billiards, woodworking wood carving, softball, computer club, library, the list goes on and on with more activities being added as requests come in. 

We have entertainment, dances, dinners, lunches, breakfast, patio sales, pool parties, etc.  In addition to having fun, there are numerous volunteer opportunities available.


If you are looking for a new home, this is the place to be!  

See you all soon!!!!

Heidi McKee 

Activities Director

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