Post Office




We are an official Contract Postal Unit. That means that we can offer everything a post office does, except overnight Express Mail and do not sell money orders. You can mail letters, packages, Registered, Certified, Insured, International, Priority and Global Priority, etc. We sell stamps by the roll or by the sheet; so check with us before you make an unnecessary trip to an outside Post Office.

After you have registered in the Administrative Office, we can deliver mail to your mail box. Also, if you let us know ahead of time that you are coming, we can start holding your mail just as they do at your post office at home.

We have the privilege of an IN RESORT mail slot so that you can send messages or greeting cards to your friends within the resort, but you must have your Return Lot# in the upper left-hand corner and the Name and Lot # of the receiver in the center of the envelope. Be sure you put your mail in the correct slot. All mail put in the outgoing slot will go to Phoenix and cannot be retrieved.

If you, as an individual or your club have notices to be put into everyone’s box, or club member boxes only, they must be at least ½ of an 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of paper in size and must be put in numerical order. You also must have notices that are for the entire resort approved by the General Manager or Activity Office before you drop them off at the Post Office. The Resort is responsible for abiding by all the rules set forth by the US Postal Service in order to keep our postal privileges.

We take the mail out of the Resort each day at noon in the summer and 2PM in season. Anything after that will go out the next business day.

Thank you for bringing your post office box key when coming to the post office. There is a $2.00 fee for a mailbox key. This is non-refundable to Homeowners and refundable to renters. When a lock requires changing there is a $10.00 charge to Homeowners.

When you are leaving for the season, please let us know so we can check to see if we have an updated forward on file for you. A yellow, blue, or pink card in your mail means to check with me at the Post Office window. It is important to notify your home post office when you are returning home so your mail doesn’t go “around in circles”.

Please consider keeping this FYI with all your Greenfield Village papers for future reference. Note to Our Canadian Friends: When receiving mail from home the address must read 111 S Greenfield Rd. Space #. US mail reads the address first, then the space #.


Be sure not to use 99 S. Quinn Cir. as your mailing address. It is an invalid address and the Post Office will return it to sender.


Season – Monday thru Friday

10AM to 2PM


10AM to 12NOON

Off Season – Monday thru Saturday

10AM to 12NOON