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The Greenfield Village Board of Directors is charged with conducting the affairs of the Association in the highest moral and ethical manner.

Annually, homeowners elect three to four directors from a slate of candidates to complete a Board of seven members, each holding a term of 2 years, and each serving no more than two consecutive terms. Officers selected from this group include a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, with responsibilities as denoted in Association documents.

The Board’s contributions are unique as to its 1) representative role with homeowners, 2) governance role for the Association, and 3) guidance role with management. The Board’s authority is confined to establishing policies; implementation of such policies is assigned to a General Manager hired by the Board.

The Board is aided in its responsibilities by Advisory Committees, whose function is to help research and study policies under consideration. In a similar manner, the General Manager is aided in her responsibilities of implementation by Processing Committees.

Greenfield’s Board of Directors meets generally two times each month during the ‘season’ of November through April. Board meetings are prefaced by an Open Forum during which homeowners ‘have the floor’ to ask questions, offer comments and suggestions, and discuss concerns. As determined by Arizona statutes, homeowners are involved in agenda discussions during times determined by the Board.

Over the years, many homeowners have found serving on the Board of Directors to be a challenging, enlightening, and rewarding activity, requiring a willingness to devote time, talents, and patience toward enhancing GVR’s position in the East Valley as a Premier Resort.

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